Sweep Me Away

1 06 2011

I'm not really sure what a naked, long-haired kid has to do with this, but it's got the message right, nonetheless.

I watched the movie, “Eat, Pray, Love” over the weekend and while I may not have enjoyed it as much as I was hoping I would, I did take something away from the movie that spurred an interesting thought: no man has ever pursued me in a manner that has (pardon the expression-) swept me off my feet. I found this slightly depressing.

In the movie starring Julia Roberts, James Franco (of course!), and Javier Bardem, Roberts’ character basically spends the movie whining about her confusing love life, running away from all her relationships until she finally realizes that a man is really pursuing her enough to sweep her off her feet.

I’ve never been swept off my feet-fallen in love before. I believe that everyone should be able to experience what I believe to be an amazing thing in the dating world. But I have been left out of this occurrence. This is something I often fantasize about, as I imagine many women/gay men/what have you think about.

Even Someecards agrees that every woman deserves to be swept off her feet.

Sure, I’ve dated before and even been in relationships of every color, but I can’t say I’ve ever been swept off my feet. No man has ever pursued me to the degree where I felt like I had no control over my actions because this man, this love, this relationship was something I so desired and just couldn’t help myself. Nope, I’ve never felt that.

I will still watch all those Disney princesses fall for their Prince Charming. I will continue to believe in that movie-love. And I continue to await that moment of helplessness towards a potential mate. For now I will just have to imagine what it must feel like to be swept away…




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