31 05 2011

Can you believe this is the 40th week I’ve been doing Thoughts From Last Week? We’ve almost made to a year of these posts. How impressive! Last week may not have been as fruitful as recent weeks, but it does have some insightful Metro-related quips. There’s also some drinking-related posts below to round out the week. That’s pretty much my week according to TFLW. Metro and Drinking. Could be more interesting, but then again, both activities are pretty standard of my life, so it’s only appropriate. Enjoy…


WOW. I haven’t ridden the evening Metro rush in forever! It’s SO crowded!

Wow again. Not only did some woman run right into me (as she was running on the Metro platform) but she hit me right on my sunburned shoulder!

I remember a time when all Metro trains were eight cars long. Ah, the care-free times of our past.

Perfect timing: I leave the bar when Lady Gaga starts playing.

There’s this guy I’m friends with who I am not attracted to and um yeah. [-Not sure why I needed to write this out.]




I literally just ate the greatest wrap-while-drunk. Thanks Chop’t! You’re a life-saver!




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