Overheard At Kickball…

27 05 2011

How is that this kickball season is almost done? We have one more game next week and then it’s the play-offs. I’m pretty sure that even without any rain-outs or holidays, this is one of the shortest Thursday Kickball seasons I’ve ever played. It’s pretty strange.

This season was especially memorable since I was on a team with entirely new people. Subsequently, I have met many more awesome people for which I am grateful for. Of course, with new people come new fun times and note-worthy jokes. Below are just a few things overheard at kickball last night, worthy of remembering:

Third base line ref: It’s 7:15.

Me: WHAT?!? That’s the score?

Ref: No, the time.

Me: Phew, that would have been brutal. [I then ask my team what the score is…]

Team: The score is something like 7-15, we’re losing.

Ugh, guess that response worked both ways.


“When Brittany stops talking, it means she’s drunk. Didn’t everyone know that?!”




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