One Day More

26 05 2011

Today is the unofficial last day of spring and I am filled with anticipation. The real start of summer is something more accurate with the equinox around June 20th, in another few weeks. But tomorrow starts off the holiday weekend many regard as the start of summer. The American day of Memorial Day, which started off as a day to honor those who died in military service. But this day off from work has “poor” timing as the last Monday of May, signaling an unofficial way to begin summer vacation season and thus diminishing what this holiday is really about.

As I was saying though, tomorrow is the start of the holiday weekend and I couldn’t be more excited to bypass my emotions for those who served our country in lieu of going to the beach and catching some rays. Yes, like throngs of other like-minded folk, this Memorial Day weekend I’m heading to the beach to kick off the start of the summer season. I’ve been looking forward to going back to the beach ever since the end of last summer, and finally my time has come!

So can you hear the people sing? They’re all ecstatic to get on their mini vacations! Just one day more till the holiday we’ve all been waiting for. We’ve been waiting for over three months for our next federal holiday (the last was on February 21st for Washington’s Birthday) and the time is nearing. One day more till the summer! One day more to vacation! One day more to fun in the sun! One day more!




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