37 For La Gua Gua!

25 05 2011

Today is another birthday worth mentioning the land of CAPSLove! Hooray for birthdays! Today’s birthday is of a former player for the good ol’ Baltimore Orioles. Today’s birthday boy played for the O’s while I was in college, from 2004 – 2007 and then had a short stay back with the team last year. This shortstop player even grew up idolizing Orioles great, Cal Ripken, Jr! (Although granted, who didn’t?)

Today is Miguel Tejada’s 37th birthday! According to Wikipedia, apparently Tejada has a very clever nickname. “His nickname is ‘La Gua Gua’ which means ‘the bus’ in certain Spanish dialects, as Tejada is known to drive in runs.” Another fun fact about Tejada’s career in Baltimore was that in 2006 he played his 1,000th consecutive game on July 1st. 1,000 consecutive games is quite a feat!

So congrats on the birthday! Here’s to a successful rest of your career! Baltimore misses you!




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