23 05 2011

Wow. This week once again provided some pretty fruitful entries for this week’s edition of TFLW (or Thoughts From Last Week, if you like the long version). This past week’s posts are mainly centered around all things kickball. I had an extra helping of kickball shenanigans this week, due to a mid-season party and volunteering at the DC101 Chili Cook-Off. That’s a whopping four days in a row (Thursday through Sunday) of kickball folks. Pretty darn good stuff. And as always, kickball people provide memorable times, so below are some memorable thoughts/quotes from a long and fun week. Enjoy!


If Steve Madden/Madden Girl ever went out of business, then I’d have a MUCH harder time buying shoes!

“What were you reunion-ing?” -quote of the day from kickball.

Also, SO thankful the South Dupont Circle [Metro] escalators are working because if not I would most likely be DOOMED.

You can’t spell, “how” without “ow.”

The Poo’s? No way. This is not “Winnie the…” Land. WTF WHY??? Winnipeg is in nowhere! [on this latest hockey news!]

Sober-time: something and maple syrup, tomato sauce?!!, baby cookies, the ol’ apple and peanut butter trick? MAN If ONLY I had movie theater butter-soaked poppycorn!

Pretty much EVERY new person I meet on Thursday kickball will 90% be named Matt.

I was just given a speech about how much of a champion I am. So unnecessary!

Is it weird that I like to sing along to the “Oooo’s” the most in the song, “F*ck You” ?

Overheard at the kickball party:  Guy: “Can I get two rail drinks?”  Bartender: “Ok, what kind?”  Guy: “Rail.”  [FAIL.]

Rail Liquor

What do I do when EVERYBODY approves of me being with a certain guy …except me??

…The Adams Morgan Shirt is in remission…

I think it’s funny that a top that my mom totally pushed for me to get is possibly the top that my mom would also most disapprove of me wearing, due to the extreme amount of cleavage it reveals.

Longest wait ever for a Metro train (on the weekend): 40 long minutes, geez louise! Good thing I was able to take a half hour nap while waiting!

I’m gonna be honest: I’m just going to this Mexican place for their complimentary chips and salsa.




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