A Good Thang

18 05 2011

As a contrast to last week’s amazing weather, this week, has seen dotted rain showers on and off throughout the area. I’m not totally against rain, but when it happens in such an unpredictable manner, it’s not always the most ideal weather. But I like to think that a little water shouldn’t spoil my day, but in fact, it can. Some people really dislike the rain, which can be understandable, since it gets gloomy and dark and unpleasant.

However, not everyone dislikes rain. Some musicians in fact, create great music in praise of the rain. Take my new favorite song, “Rain Is A Good Thing.” I don’t normally enjoy modern day country, but this song got me hooked pretty much immediately. It’s not often you hear the words, “rain” and “thing” rhyme!

They must really value rain in the southern part of the country, because the next band (also from the South) has made a few hit songs about rain. Next up is my current favorite band, Creedence Clearwater Revival (CCR). Not many bands have written any songs about this wet weather, so the fact that CCR has a few rain-themed songs, must mean they are fans of this falling water.

As you can tell, those Southerners really enjoy singing about rain. Of course there are other musicians who sing about rain, but it sure seems like there is a heavy emphasis on musicians in the South, singing and praising the rain. Maybe my tolerance for the rain has something to do with my love of the South.




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19 05 2011
Brendon Rubin-Oster

I recall a night shift I was working where I was playing the role of DJ. And during those overnight hours, it began raining outside which inspired an all rain song list! Maybe it was driven by the insanity we call overnight shifts, but we had a great time with the concept. Unfortunately, none of the songs posted above made it, but I do thoroughly enjoy the first one!

27 08 2011
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23 05 2012
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