16 05 2011

Last week provided much fodder for yet another edition of TFLW. Granted, last week was also case for many drinking-related posts, but I think that can only make things interesting. I had many kickball-related opportunities for drinking and other such shenanigans. The weather was nice, the socializing commenced and the alcohol was flowing. All good things in my book, so I’m not complaining. Enjoy this week’s TFLW!


I wore a new, red shirt into work today and my co-worker commented on my color choice. It’s true, I’ve been known to rock the red for the Caps, but can’t I just wear red otherwise?

Just saw a dog pop a squat while crossing a street downtown. What- it couldn’t wait a few more feet to cross the road to do its business? Awkward.

Oh man. Being outside in the perfect weather and out in the sunlight is the greatest lunch break decision I’ve made lately.

Most of the time when I am not feeling motivated to blog, I end up writing a really long and good blog post! Ha.

I had three beers in under two hours. No wonder I’m drunk on a Wednesday before 8PM.

So apparently it is for real “official:” 10PM is when the lights go down and the REAL party happens.

Omg like everyone I know complimented me on my new watch with comments like, “that’s hot” and “I was admiring your watch” and such. I feel SO lucky that I chose such an AWESOME watch. Yee-haw!

French toast sticks x100 (or 20) totally drenched in maple syrup for the WIN!!!!!!!

It’s probably not the wisest idea to go to an eye doctor appointment slightly hungover…

Wow it’s been like a month since I last ate bread!

Now this is ironic: my BFF Bartender knows me as that person who won’t get drunk (even though I have definitely been drunk around him). Either I must just be jinxed by him or able to carry myself surprisingly well when drunk.

Ok this is weird. I like three guys who all have names that begin with the same letter.




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