Yeah Yeah!

13 05 2011

It’s not often that I will watch a movie that has a major influence on my life. Most of the time when I see a movie, whether I liked it or not, it stays as “just a movie” in my life. But I admit that there are some special occasions when a movie so strikes a chord in my mind, that I encounter a life-changing movie. Unaware of such a phenomenon likely to occur so easily in my life, I recently watched one of my favorite movies that I grew up with, “The Sandlot.”

The main group of characters in this movie are a group of nine boys, just enough to field a casual baseball team. Each boy is unique and a few of them even have clever nicknames: Smalls, Benny, Ham, Repeat, and the focus of this post, Yeah-Yeah.

Yeah Yeah got his nickname from the way he talks, specifically saying “yeah yeah” in agreement, when normally, one “yeah” would suffice. I attribute this to his hyper characteristics, commonly found in boys of his age. But Yeah Yeah notably says this catch-phrase so much, that he becomes his speech. For some reason I found his nick-name curious, and when I discovered this reason behind it, I must have become enthralled. Check him out in this clip below, starting around the 5:00 mark.

So for whatever reason, I have now taken to saying “yeah yeah” myself. Like, a lot. And every time I do it, I think about how it’s kind of weird that I’ve adopted this hyper kid’s signature phrase. Maybe I’ll start getting called Yeah Yeah as well, although hopefully not. It’s not really something I like to say, but it’s apparently been ingrained into my mind and speech, nonetheless. Hopefully after reading this, you won’t get “jinxed” with a new catch-phrase, yourself!




One response

13 05 2011
Brendon Rubin-Oster

From my experiences, this is definitely one of the more quoted movies along with Napoleon Dynamite. Of course you can’t forget “you’re killing me Smalls!” The only problem is they created a straight to home video sequel which was just awful. If only producers would stick with the original idea and not get carried away. Anyway, I see The Sandlot sitting in my DVD collection, possibly awaiting another watching!

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