A Spring Fling Thing

12 05 2011

I have fallen in love. I know, it’s been a while, since I’ve been in such a happy-go-lucky mood, but it’s true. I feel lucky to experience such a feeling, although unfortunately, I don’t see this as something that will last for very long. No, sadly I know that this loving feeling is only temporary. The end is near, for I have fallen for a rarity.

You see, the answer to your question is not who I have fallen in love with, but rather, what. My answer is that I have fallen for the absolutely lovely weather that has graced D.C. this week. It’s simply amazing. I have been aiming at being outside in it as much as I can; taking advantage of this perfect weather.

I love to close my eyes and feel the slightly cool breeze whiff against my neck, casually blowing at my hair. The sun shines warmly, but it’s not so bright to the point of calling the temperature hot. The temperature is absolutely ideal: not too cool that you’d need a jacket, yet not too warm that you can’t withstand the heat for very long. The sky has either been a great shade of blue, or ever so slightly dotted with spots of clouds, just enough to give your eye something to look at; a rest from all that never-ending blue. This is perfect weather for gazing up at clouds, and letting your imagination come up with what else they could resemble, besides a fluffy cotton ball. This weather has also been pretty ideal because there is a low pollen index, so I can freely inhale the sweet flowery smells, without endangering my health.

But, being a Washington native, I realize that this fantastic weather is rare for our area and for this time of year. Usually the springtime is composed of almost-good weather that is either too windy, too chilly, too rainy, or too hot. Or, often times, we encounter April Showers, and head straight for the typically humid summers of D.C. This usually paints an unpleasant image in my mind, when I think of the all too short spring seasons in the area. It’s really amazing and extra-special that not only have we have the enjoyment of such beautiful weather, but also for so many consecutive days this week. (Hopefully I’m not jinxing myself here.) So if you’re inside at a computer reading this, I ask you to stop and get outside into this perfect weather while it’s still around!




One response

12 05 2011
Brendon Rubin-Oster

I took care of that two of the past three days 🙂 Although it would be three out of the past three days if you count walking from the Farragut West Metro to the happy hour 5 blocks up the street. Regardless, this weather is great, but the stormy conditions lurk just off to our west. They are ready to infiltrate increased humidity, cooler temperatures, and raindrops scattering our skies.

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