9 05 2011

Sure, it’s only been a few days since the last TFLW posting, but if I’m going to get back on track with the regularly scheduled Monday posts, there’s no better time to restart that than the present. The especially exciting thing about this week’s edition of TFLW is that there are absolutely no posts about how terrible the Metro is. No sir, this week has a general focus on something about a trillion times better than the Metro, and that is food. Also, I am a little obsessed with the last bit on here. I made that up. I think it’s genius. You’re welcome and enjoy…


[The day after the Caps lost to Tampa in the playoffs-] Just saw the front page of The Washington Post and it had a big picture of the Caps. You’d think the picture would have been celebrating a win or something.

To eat [to sober up]: oatmeal, like 10 french toast sticks, maple SYRUP, ideally a WHOLE potato- mashed, and maybe like a sea of water. YES.

I would literally pay $50 to eat unlimited pancakes and waffles right now. YESSSS!

There’s nothing like curing a Cinco de Mayo hangover with Mexican food. Yum.

New petition: a Chinese food place for Dupont Circle. Preferably not a fancy place. There’s no place nearby! WTF!

I’m gonna eat Mexican and Italian food and imagine that it’s Chinese. Total fail.

I’m not in love. I’m intrigued.




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