I Have The Weirdest Dreams

9 05 2011

I have a history of having some of the seriously strangest dreams of everyone I know. The past few days have proved just that, as I have had pretty memorable dreams since Thursday night. Normally I have pretty strange dreams, but they might not be very memorable. However, with the past few nights (except for last night in which I dreamt I was buying art, and thus not such a very exciting or memorable dream) each of my dreams have been very vivid and strange. Today I am recollecting my most recent and superbly odd dreams for your reading enjoyment.

– – – – – – – –

On Thursday  night I had definitely one of the best dreams ever. I dreamt I was at a luxury rooftop apartment building that had a cascading outdoor pool that flowed down a number of the building’s floors. From the rooftop we could see Nationals’ stadium that was also pretty close by. The stadium was maybe a few feet away from the apartment building.

I was then in the hallway of some building and was hanging out with none other than Alex Ovechkin. Ovie told me that he often enjoyed reading my blog which was really surprising.  I then asked him to repeat his complement so I could record him on my camera. I knew nobody would believe me if I claimed that Ovie likes reading my blog. So I took a video but Ovie was just fooling around instead. He then began really flirting with me which caught me off guard, but in a good way. Alex had really taken a liking to me and I could see that the girl he was with was getting jealous, which made me feel so lucky that I was “the apple of his eye.” The dream pretty much ended soon thereafter.

– – – – – – – –

Friday night I had a dream that I was riding the awesome roller coaster, Top Thrill Dragster (at Cedar Point, OH). I dreamt that I rode the roller coaster three consecutive times. Normally, this ride has a very long line, but in my dream, each coaster could carry something like 20-30 passengers, and with the two coasters running at once, this eliminated all of the people in the line. I don’t really remember the first time riding the roller coaster in my dream, except that it was everything I remembered about the ride.

The second time, I remember there wasn’t the normal boost that is actually part of the ride to propel the riders up such a steep slope. In my dream, we just kind of chugged our way up, similar to how a normal coaster would ascend a steep hill. I remember thinking at the time that it would be impossible for us to get to the top, but it happened.

The third time was the most memorable ride for me. I dreamt that at the end of the ride, instead of assuming a horizontal position after the drop (which is actually how the ride ends), the coaster stopped in a vertical position. The seats on the cars kind of flattened out like a stacked and not-curved Ferris Wheel. Our stacked seats were placed on a random parking lot, and we were still strapped in, in our three rows of seats. My row of seats were right on the ground, with our feet just touching the parking lot. The next level above us was maybe 15 feet off the ground, and the third level of seats were something like 30 feet from the ground.

We were waiting for an employee to come and let us out of our seats when I dreamt that I felt a drop of something land on my leg. I looked up to see a very sick man two tiers above me, profusely throwing up into a large plastic trash can in his seat. It was extremely disgusting and the throw up would not stop coming out of him. Because of the non-stop flow, it was obviously too much for the trash can to handle, and thus was overflowing. The overflow was falling down towards my seat and I somehow managed to unstrap myself from the ride and make a mad dash away just in time to not get covered with this man’s puke. I was thankful I escaped, but my dad who was sitting in the row just above me, could not leave his seat, due to the height. Thus, my dad quickly became submersed in the stranger’s awful puke that was falling down right onto my dad, totally covering him. It was almost like getting slimed on Nickelodeon, only so much worse. I remember yelling for my dad to get out of harm’s way. I kept yelling, “Dad! Move!” Until I woke myself up from actually yelling it. Gross.

– – – – – – – –

Saturday night I had yet another bizarre dream, only this one was a nightmare that kept on going. I dreamt that I was on a cruise with my family. There were three murders that had either just happened or were happening in our cabin. There was on murder that my family was witnessing that involved a chase between two men which ended with a lot of blood. I think that perhaps both men had died. It was really traumatic to witness them killing each other in our surprisingly spacious cabin suite. Thankfully, everyone in my family was unharmed and we were all ok.

Our cruise had made a stop to land and when we were going back to the boat, I got separated from my family. I boarded a cruise ship but they kicked me off because I had gotten on the wrong ship. I was then on an island and had to make it to a raft that would take me to the boat I was supposed to be on. But the raft wasn’t coming near me so I had to swim. The raft was pretty far out and the water was cold and the waves were choppy and dangerous. I somehow made it to the raft, putting in all my strength not to drown.

When I finally was reunited with my family, I received a text from a friend back home. The friend was telling me that a mile-tall tsunami had hit the Washington, D.C. area and had wiped everything out. I was completely shocked that everything was gone, and that we would be going home to a wasteland, yet very thankful that being out at sea, we had been safe. (Which was ironic, since the water we were on, was unaffected by this tsunami just north of us.) Either way, it was the worst experience of a so-called “vacation.” I woke up from this dream exhausted (probably from all the intense swimming I was doing in my sleep) but also glad that the dream had come to an end and that it wasn’t real.

– – – – – – – –

As you can see, all three of these dreams are incredibly detailed and memorable. They are also extremely odd dreams (although, most are) which are pretty inexplainable. I don’t know why I have such crazy dreams, though I guess I am thankful I at least have such a fruitful imagination. It sure makes things interesting!




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