Facial Follicle Frenzy

5 05 2011

If there’s one thing I’ll definitely miss from the Caps 2011 Playoff series, it’s the beards. Sure, I’m just like every other Caps fan in that I am deeply sorrowful that the team was wiped by the Lightning and that I can no longer listen to my favorite commentators, Craig and Joe B. call the Caps games. But what I’m really going to miss are the players. Or, to be more specific, their beards.

This off-season, we saw a good turn-out of hunks and their manly facial hair displays. Thanks to getting to the second round, the players were able to better solidify their beards and boy, was that a show. I’m not going to attempt to cover each of the Caps’ beard-growing skills, because frankly, some are better than others.  So let’s get right down to this free-flowing facial follicle frenzy!

First off is Brooks Laich, often hailed as one of the best looking guys on the team. I’m not going to argue that one and from the evidence we have of the post-season, his strawberry-blonde hair sure didn’t hinder his attractiveness! Am I not the only one who thinks that perhaps Brooksie should grow a beard in more than just the off-season?

Next up is Boyd Gordon. Again, we’re starting with a rather handsome chap, so the fact that his playoff beard didn’t cover up his nice looking face, is a major plus. Gordo’s beard just kind of drew us in to his face. It was like a bold outline to show us where to look. (Not like we needed any help!)

Next up is everyone’s favorite fair-haired fighter, John Erskine. He delighted us Caps fans, back in Movember with his awesome handlebars, but this time he wasn’t going to pick up a razor. I realize that there are actually a few players with blonde hair, so the facial hair story might not be as recognized. But I applaud Johnny for his beard-skills.

Of course, what’s a post about the Capitals without mention of Alex the Great, and this post-season showed that not only can Alex rock the untrimmed facial hair, and the clean-shaven look, but he’s also good looking with a goatee. Everyone’s eyes were on Ovie’s choice for a playoff beard though, because he was signed to a contract with Gillette (and thus his clean-shaven year). But Ovie’s never one to disappoint, and so with the playoff beard tradition and the help from his trusty razor of choice, we were given this gem:

Last but not least was my favorite player’s playoff beard. Sure, everyone I have just shown on this post had some pretty great facial hair displays, but I learned something new this year. Matt Bradley looks amazing with a beard. I love Matt Bradley. He’s been on the team for a good, long, while, and he’s an all-around great player. I could go on and on about how much I love Matt Bradley, so when I saw his playoff beard this year, I was amazed that there was still room for improvement for Brads. Take a look at this fine man and his beard:

So it will be a real shame come today when these players shave off their playoff beards. It’s been a fun season and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed getting to know these players’ playoff beards. Sure, it is a sad day today for this reason, but I suppose the playoff beard hotness is just one more thing us Caps fans have to look forward to for next year. Thanks, men.




2 responses

5 05 2011
Matthew Bryan Metzger

Facial hair is basically like having pubes on your face if you think about it.

6 05 2011
Brendon Rubin-Oster

It seems like almost all of the major sports contain some sort of playoff beard phenomenon although I don’t really see it so much in basketball. But by far, hockey has the strongest reputation for it. I wonder where the whole idea originated? I bet superstition played a role as many athletes along with their fans are superstitious by nature. I heard one of my co-workers grew a playoff beard during the Steelers Super Bowl back in 2005. They won it all that year! I wonder if the beard assisted in that matter 🙂

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