4 05 2011

I know this may look odd. An edition of TFLW on a Wednesday? Sure, I’ve always done these on Mondays, and the rare Tuesday, but what am I thinking? As you may have noticed, last week I skipped out on this regular posting. Sorry. And then I didn’t come back in full force like I should have this past Monday. But, like the Caps need for a win tonight to stay in the playoffs, I say, better late than never.  So below are the Thoughts From Last (two) Weeks. These, my friends are the most Metro-related posts I have ever accumulated in a week or two week time period . Enjoy…


It makes me so unbelievably anxious when I am sitting in the aisle seat and the person on the inside seat keeps fidgeting with their things, as if they are going to get off; but then they don’t, so you are caught up in the anticipation of them needing, yet you don’t know when.

The “I Effing Hate People On The Metro Incident #100:” On the platform at L’Enfant Plaza: trying to board a yellow/green line train going North and we are being delayed entering the train because a passenger can’t exit the train because get this- some girl is standing in the doorway with her piece of luggage, blocking the way. The man trying to exit is heard yelling, “GET OUTTA MY WAY!” but the girl doesn’t budge. WTF. Everything is wrong with this situation.

As our train entered to Adams Morgan Metro stop, I hear and feel a very loud thud against my side of the train car. When I look up, I see a teen boy angrily walking away. Why on earth would you hit the Metro???

I don’t know if I feel so gross this morning because I’m hungover, tired, or the pollen in the air, but I suspect it’s a likely and unfortunate combination of the three.

I get on the Metro at a popular stop (Chinatown) onto an already crowded train and there’s a crowd rushing on. A large man makes it onto the train first and then what does he do? He stands right in the doorway, obscuring the path for so many people trying to board. Are you kidding me? In a few seconds it is announced that the doors are indeed closing and our rush becomes more frantic, as there is actually no place for us to squeeze aboard. It also didn’t help that I had an enormous backpack with me. OH MAN.

John Erskine just said, “F*ck You” to Sean Avery and it was caught on camera. Omg.

Jesus Christ Super Star is being shown on TCM on Easter. That’s great, but Easter is about the resurrection, which never happens in the movie.

Geez, Metro. I could feel that this stagnant train car didn’t have air conditioning before I even boarded.

I’m pretty sure the Metro is trying to kill its passengers. As I got to Metro Center this evening, I saw three firefighters disembark a firetruck (an ambulance was also present) and meet a couple of police officers at the Metro Center stop. I didn’t see anything out of order, though I did hear an unusually hugh number of people coughing… maybe from smoke? As I then waited for my train, I too felt a strange prickly sensation in my throat. Was the Metro seeping poison into our lungs? Gah!

This guy o

The White House: The Ultimate Haunted House.

I might be attracted to




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