A Shorter Nickname

3 05 2011

The one issue I have with my first name is that there can be confusion as to what name I should go by and in what occasion or situation. I don’t have a simple name like, “Ashley” or “Evan” or “Scott,” where there is no real nickname. Sometimes I think about how I want my future children to have this kind of name, so that there is no confusion over what they should be called in different situations.

My name has a few nicknames. For pretty much my whole life, I’ve always gone by my nickname. It’s casual, it suits me, and I often prefer it. I use my full first name in professional situations, but that’s about the only time. But then there is the issue with the shorter abbreviation of my nickname. When am I ok with that even shorter version?

There are a few names like mine, where you can create two nicknames from the full name. These names include: Elizabeth – Lizzy – Liz; Christina – Christine – Chris; Christopher – Christoph/Topher – Chris; William – Willy – Will; etc. As you can see, there are these names which have a nickname and a shorter nickname.

I’m pretty relaxed when it comes to my shorter nickname, since it is rarely used. Not many people will call me this which also creates a sense of this name being a little more “special” to me. I actually really like my shorter nickname, but I don’t feel comfortable enough to use that as the name I will always go by. While it’s not necessarily a name I will introduce people to with, if a person decides to go out on a limb and try it out, I won’t argue. My basic rule with my shorter nickname is that if you want to call me that, then I’m fine with it. (Although this should probably occur early in our relations, or else I’m just going to think it’s odd that you are all of a sudden chosing to call me by a different name.) So while it can be quite a confusion to have multiple versions of nicknames, I like to think that it could also be a privilege to be able to chose different versions of my name.




One response

3 05 2011
Brendon Rubin-Oster

It is a rather interesting concept as I debated what name to call you, at the end of our conversation. My name fits the bill of not having any nicknames extended off my primary. People have tried but it just never sounds right. While it would be more interesting to have such easily derived nicknames, as you pointed out, it can lead to confusion on what name is expected in a given circumstance. For instance, hearing your shortest name at work vs. your full name at a social event. Then it leads to the necessity of possibly correcting the individual or letting it slide. Such decisions =P

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