A Round 1 Recap of the 2011 Playoffs

28 04 2011

The first round of the NHL 2011 Playoffs have come to an end and Round 2 is just about to begin. I can feel the anticipation in D.C., like the calm before our most recent bout of tornados in the area. We know that a storm is brewing, only this time instead of downed trees and power lines, I’m anticipating some Florida hopes and dreams to go down. That’s right, the normal sea of red will become a tsunami of red and we are ready to cause some ruckus!

Floor to ceiling rockin' of red.

But first, let’s take a look back on the first round of games. I noticed an unfortunate trend throughout the quarterfinals. It seemed that any team that had a former Capitals player on it (from say, the last few years) did not win their series. This is pretty unfortunate, since these were the teams I was cheering for (aside from the Caps, of course.)

There are probably more example, but I’ve been focusing on these guys in particular: Steve Eminger, of the Rangers, Jeff Halpern, of the Canadiens, and lest we forget the Penguins’ Matt Cooke and Brent Johnson.  These trying teams did their best in Round 1, but they just couldn’t hack it. (And thank goodness for the Caps’ sake.) I think that this must be some kind of curse. Sure, if you’re currently playing for the Caps, you will succeed. But former players have been jinxed. I’m not going to complain though!

So now, the Caps fans are in an interesting situation. I’m not going to confirm this, but I would not be surprised if the Pittsburgh Penguins fans join forces with the Caps in rooting against the Lightning (the team that took the Pens out of the playoffs). Yes, folks. The Penguins could just be on the same side as the Caps for once.

Round 2 begins tomorrow when the Caps play host to the Tampa Bay Lightning. I’m really proud that the Caps are back in the second round of the playoffs, but as we all know, that is still not enough. This matchup should be great, because if anything, it means I can continue to watch some awesome Caps hockey! Go Caps!




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