My Latest Halloween Costume Idea

27 04 2011

The other day, I was thinking about how it’s already April (read, only six months away) and I still do not have a solid idea of a Halloween costume for this year. I realize that most people don’t even start thinking about this holiday until the beginning of October, but I am not “most people.” Halloween is my favorite holiday and it’s something I look forward to, more than your average person.

Sure, I have plenty of possible costume ideas (Aron Ralston, of 127 Hours, a Flamenco dancer, and old lady, the bearded lady, Marie Antoinette, a (non-ghost) bellhop, the Sun Maid raisins girl, The Day of the Dead…) but none of them have really called out to me… at least, yet. I mean, I still may go as one of these ideas, but so far, nothing has captivated me enough to really stick with an idea. The other night though, I was tossing around a few more ideas, when I happened on another good idea.

I was thinking about the movie, The Wizard of Oz, since a friend of mine might be moving to Kansas. I was thinking about dressing as Dorothy as an homage to my friend’s new move. But dressing up as Dorothy is so overdone and unoriginal. But then it hit me. I could dress up as Dorothy in her sepia/black and white parts of the movie; before and after she dream up the world of Oz.  Now that would be different!

I’ve heard of dressing up as someone in black and white, and that alone is pretty cool. But, to take that one step further for a Sepia’d Dorothy would be super neat.

The thing is, finding and making the costume would be pretty time consuming. This is why I would probably need the full six months to create such a masterful costume. I could either just buy the blue and white dorothy dress and then paint it brown, or I could try to find a similar looking checkered dress in brown, rather than blue. That would be the first step: buying/creating the dress, shirt, and shoes. I would also have to figure out how to cover my body and hair in brown face paint/makeup in order to fully achieve that Sepia’d look. I have a feeling that this could be more difficult (in order to master the shadows and highlights so I don’t just look like I have brown skin) to figure out, in comparison to the clothing aspect. But either way, this costume would require a lot of work.

My other issue with this costume (aside from the painstaking time and work) is that it’s not necessarily something I would want to re-wear. Ideally, when I create a costume, I’d like for some aspect of the costume to be re-wearable and recycled into something I could wear everyday. I may surprise myself, but I feel like I won’t want to wear a brown and white checkered dress very much other than for this costume.

So that leaves me yet again unsure of my Halloween costume for this year.  Also, the problem with posting this new idea online, is that I’m afraid someone might try to steal this idea. The last thing I’d want is for my awesome and very original idea to not be so original. That would be extremely disappointing!
I guess I’m back to square one, only with one more totally doable idea in tow. I need to weigh my options of course. Is this latest idea’s awesomeness worth the effort? I’d like to think so, but then again, I may not know what I would be getting myself into.




2 responses

19 10 2011

1) Just a gentle warning: The Desat Santa gal is honestly a good friend of mine and gets kind of weird/confrontational about people posting images of her without permission (for example: I have pictures of us hanging out on Facebook, but she doesn’t like to be tagged.) So, just a heads-up on that.

2) I JUST texted her with the SAME IDEA about Sepia Dorothy for Halloween and asking for her advice. She’s posted a tutorial on how to do the desat-thing correctly, but sepia may be different. Wanna trade ideas or would you rather be an original?

20 10 2011

Thanks for the comment! I’m happy to take down her photo if she feels uncomfortable with it online, but she should know that I found it from another site, so if she isn’t aware it’s around the internet, well, um now she will? Anyways, sure, I’d be interested in her tutorial thing. Sure, I’d prefer to be an original, but frankly, I’m not sure my costume will ever come into form. If someone else could do it successfully, then all the power to you. If that does happen though, please credit me and I’d like to see a photo!

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