22 04 2011

It’s currently Passover and this year I wanted to try to go the whole holiday period without drinking beer. For those of you unfamiliar with the holiday, it has some food restrictions, specifically, eliminating foods and drink with yeast in them, thus making them “leavened.” Now, as you know, beer lists yeast as a key ingredient, which is why one would opt out of consuming this delectable beverage during this holiday. Granted, the food and beverage rules of Passover differ for how religious you are, and while I’ve never excluded beer from my Passover diet before, I was interested in doing so for this year.

All was going well until last night when I had my first Thursday kickball of the season. As I headed into the bar, I figured I could make do with drinking mixed drinks and water, and forgo the beer, and all would be ok. However, then came the obstacle of the ritual kickball bar game of Flip Cup. Sure, I didn’t need beer to play, but it was free and available.

I was succumbed into peer pressure and my low budget and did end up drinking more than reasonable amounts of beer. I decided that perhaps Passover is no match for Kickball and the ultimate fun that is Flip Cup.

So maybe next year I will be able to avoid drinking beer. I don’t think of myself as any less of a Jew for this decision, and it’s a good thing, these dietary rules are not strict, however, I do wish I could have declined the power of beer this once.




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25 05 2011
Life Blogger

Cute story! I love a funny kickball tale and put one on my blog as well. The other team didn’t show up!

Feel free to post a link to yours in the comments.

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