My Caps Playoffs Predictions (Or, Why I Would Be OK With The Caps Losing Tonight)

20 04 2011

I am just going to put this out there: I would be ok if the Caps lost their Game #4 tonight against the New York Rangers. This is not to say, I don’t want the Caps to succeed. I am just as much (if not, more) a Caps fan than the next person, and when the Caps lose any game (Playoffs, or not) my mood is affected by that. But hear me out…

The Playoffs should be fun for everyone. The audience should enjoy themselves during the games, no matter what team they root for. Under my predictions for (at least) the Eastern Conference Quarterfinals, I think it would be ideal if the home team always won. This would ensue an ideal situation for the home team fans. So far, these two teams have played by my hypothesis. The Caps have won their first two games in D.C. and the Rangers won the last game which was played in N.Y.C. Tonight’s game is also in the Big Apple. If the Rangers win, consequently, their fans would have an enjoyable experience.

Not the right sport, but still the right message.

This would also mean that the series would also go the full length; all seven games. But, if the home team won every time, wouldn’t that be something? Not only would there be more games played, but there would be more jobs for those who work for the arenas and the sports organizations and broadcast companies. I’m sure that creating more jobs is not a bad thing, either.

So while of course I would have just preferred the Caps to sweep the Rangers in four games (or as few games necessary), I would not be totally against this series going the full seven. The Caps would still come out winning the series (home advantage of the #1 seed, thank you very much!), all of the fans would be happy, and people would have jobs. I think this is pretty much a win for everyone in that situation.




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21 04 2011

I love this! Watching sports is supposed to be fun, not launching people into violent tirades!

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