The Four Types of CAPSLove Readers

18 04 2011

It has recently come to my attention that there are people out there who are actually coming to CAPSLove to read what I have to say. Sure, the statistics say that I have had over 100,000 people visit my blog, but for some reason, I never imagined those views were anything more than being brought here for a certain picture of Alex Ovechkin shirtless or the latest on whether Brooks Laich has a girlfriend. So today’s post is all about you, the readers, which whom without, this blog would possibly be the same, although definitely less awesome. And let’s be honest, I do this for you.

From what I can surmise, there are four main types of readers in the CAPSLove audience out there: The Mistake, The Obeyer, The Casual Reader, and The Dedicated Fan. Perhaps this post will help you figure out where you lie in the CAPSLove spectrum of blog follow (and fellow)ship.

First is The Mistake. The Mistake happens upon my blog by accident, as I pointed out above. The Mistake can actually make up a lot of my blog’s viewers, even if it may not be for the right reasons. For example, a while ago I wrote a silly post on an animal that was new to me. For unexplained reasons of the internet, this post shot my blog’s viewership up, beyond anything I could reasonably imagine. I am fine with The Mistake, but as you can imagine, it’s not the ideal type of person I’d prefer to visit this site.

Next up is The Obeyer. The Obeyer, will read my blog only when being told so. Many times I will write a post about a specific person* or for a certain target audience and will recommend that certain people read that blog post. These people will then read that blog post and then go on with their lives. They will only read my blog when they are told, and no other times.

*A subset of the Obeyer, is the Attention Seeker. An Attention Seeker will only read posts on CAPSLove when they are written about themselves. To note, this doesn’t occur very frequently, as I have only really written about one person, Matt. This is not to say however, that I am not open to writing about other people I know. (This post is actually inspired by a certain other guy named Matt, from kickball who came over to me yesterday to tell me that he reads my blog “all the time,” as he put it. Not only was I actually surprised that this guy I barely knew was such an active reader, but it was also a major compliment, which surprised me especially since he kept filling my ears with insults the rest of the day. Thanks a lot!) Hopefully my blog does more than attract guys named Matt!

The last two types of readers are more simple and self-explanatory. The Casual Reader my be a follower of CAPSLove, but does not come to the site on a daily basis. Sure, they may see links to the articles posted in emails or on facebook, but that doesn’t mean they come to this site every day. The Casual Reader however, is still interested in what is posted and keeps coming back for more.

The Dedicated Fan might be the most rare form of reader for my blog. Yet, this could also be a frequent type of reader that I am just not aware of. One of the problems with having a fairly silent audience who doesn’t always reply to my posts, is that it is difficult to see who my audience really is. The Dedicated Fan will have my blog on their RSS Feed and will be constantly updated about my new posts. The Dedicated Fan will check my blog pretty much daily and enjoy reading my posts and in general, make me feel good about continuing this blog.

So, as you can see, there a quite a number of different types of people in the CAPSLove viewer audience. Hopefully now you can place yourself within a category. I hope I didn’t leave anyone out. That would be a shame. So until next time, thanks for your time. I look forward to having you come back!




One response

18 04 2011
Matthew Bryan Metzger

So………you’re basically calling me a spineless attention whore with no soul? is this what I can gather from this post?

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