A Controversial Playoffs Commercial

14 04 2011

Last night there was a rather “controversial” commercial aired during Game 1 of the Caps vs. Rangers Stanley Cup Playoffs. While the advertised product was ok, the manner that it was approached with, was not so picture-perfect. It started off during one of the early commercial breaks in the first period. I’m not sure about the commercials that were played on the other channels, but Comcast SportsNet decided to play this commercial for the new Kia Soul:

Golf is commonly known as the popular off-season past-time for hockey lovers, so normally this would be a fine commercial to air. However, this commercial may not be the best choice this early on in the playoffs. Maybe the subtle message here is that golf should be on our minds, though only for the loser of this series; i.e: the Rangers. But the commercial fails in this thought process because the star golfer portrayed is driving a fire engine red car, and she is wearing (or should I say, “rocking the”) red. If red was not the eye-catching color in the commercial, then I think it would be suitable to be aired during the Caps games.

It’s just that the combination of someone in rocking the red and golfing, isn’t really the message that Caps fans want to be left with. The Caps and their fans do not want to be thinking about golfing anytime soon. We want to have only hockey on our minds. Hockey and winning.




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14 04 2011

Wow, that’s REALLY subtle. I would never have thought that in a million years. She’s BARELY rocking the red herself (just the belt, shoes and bling-ed out golf tee) – as far as I can see she’s rocking the BLACK with red accents. Sure, her car is red, and she’s golfing during the playoffs, but do you think that makes this an anti-caps ad?


14 04 2011

First of all, I would think that the definition of “rocking the red” is a red, blinged out golf tee. And her car is totally red and rockin’. I think this ad would be just as successful if say, the highlight color here was yellow. That could totally work. Or electric blue, or just…something else.

I admit that perhaps I am seeing things *too visual,* and that maybe I am seeing things through rose (Caps Red)-colored glasses. But I’d like to think that I am not the only one who saw this connection.

14 04 2011

I think you maybe reading a little into this ad a little bit too much. You are talking about an ad that was made long before the NHL Playoffs.

I really liked how you examined the undertones of the ad- it takes a true fan to look at it that way, but I don’t think it’s what Kia had in mind when they made the ad.

15 04 2011

I agree that I also don’t think that is what Kia had in mind when they made the commercial. I don’t place the blame on Kia at all. But maybe Comcast Sportsnet needs to think harder about the commercials they air during Caps games.

On a related note, I appreciate everyone’s comments and questioning about this post, but since sarcasm is difficult to achieve through writing, let me assure you all that I am something like 50% kidding here.

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