REAL Hockey Season Begins Today

13 04 2011

The real hockey season begins today. Today is the beginning of the end. What was the last 100+ Caps games that we have witnessed for the past half of a year? That was just the warm up. It was a prolonged pre-season, if you will. But not today. Today the Capitals are starting what really matters. Today my friend, is the beginning of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. This. Is. It.

Now, I’ve been reading a lot about how the Caps have a bad history of playoffs starts. Especially more recently, their last post-season match-up against the Rangers, which did not end very well for D.C. I understand all of this negativity aimed towards our Capitals, and I get it. Plus, there’s the added pressure, since the Capitals are D.C.’s only promising sports team (at least, that most people care about…sorry, Mystics).

But I’ve had enough of all the pessimism. Sure, I realize there is a rivalry and a past, and that definitely makes these stakes higher, but I am not thinking about that. I am going to try to eliminate the negative energy around the Caps. The team doesn’t need it, the fans should pay no heed to it, and it really just isn’t helping anyone here.

What the Caps need is more than luck; more than hope. The Caps need positive energy. They need to be focused. They need consistency. They need to go beyond their comfort zone. The Washington Capitals need to “stay angry” and hone into this anger with a force that is not to be reconciled with.





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