12 04 2011

Many of you still came to CAPSLove yesterday, probably expecting this post. Unfortunately for you however, you didn’t find a new post to start off the week. My excuse is that I don’t have one. Frankly, I was busy with work, and I just didn’t get around to it. Sure, this is a lame excuse, but remember, 90% of the time that I blog, is when I’m at work. But that’s not the focus of today’s post. We’ve got some business to do here. Today’s edition of TFLW is quote-heavy, so enjoy!


“He’s cute in an unattractive way. Not ugly; just not necessarily attractive.” -Me, about my new BFF Bartender.

“Oh, there’s plenty of time. I just put on Otis Redding.” -My dad. This didn’t really make sense to me, other than, he had enough time to listen to music…

“Pittsburgh is a horrible city.” -Matt    “I could have told you that.” -Me

“What were you at the party for?” -Me      “We were eating soup.” -Matt   (This makes no sense.)

I am probably a witch. Sunday night I had a dream about an incident on the Metro in which people were running up the tracks to warn and stop a train. Monday morning, a Metro train struck someone. Creepy!

The stationary bike is possibly the most boring exercise machine.




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