A Furlough Playlist

8 04 2011

Furlough 2011. Everyone is going crazy. There is an overwhelming uncertainty in the air. Frankly, I hope this actually goes into affect and the government does get furloughed. There is way too much speculation for this to not actually happen. And honestly, as much of a bummer as it will be to have unpaid leave, I can’t complain about not having to work. So with that being said, below you will find my 2011 Furlough Playlist. Go out, have fun, don’t be stressed about your job, and enjoy these furlough-related tunes!

  1. You’re Wondering Now – The Specials “You’re wondering now what to do and you know this is the end.”
  2. Suspicious Minds – Elvis Presely “We can’t go on together with suspicious minds.”
  3. No More Mr. Nice Guy – Alice Cooper “I got no friends ’cause they read the papers. They can’t be seen with me.”
  4. Why Can’t We Be Friends – War “I’d kinda like to be the President, so I can show you how your money’s spent.”
  5. Another Brick In The Wall – Pink Floyd “All in all you’re just another brick in the wall.”
  6. School’s Out – Alice Cooper “Well we can’t salute ya, can’t find a flag. If that don’t suit ya, that’s a drag.”
  7. Take It Away – Paul McCartney “You never know who may be listening to you.”
  8. Say It Ain’t So – Weezer “I can’t confront you. I never could do. That which might hurt you, so try and be cool.”
  9. It Won’t Be Long – The Beatles “It won’t be long, till I belong to you.”
  10. Do Nothing – The Specials “They’re just living in a life without meaning.”
  11. No Reply – The Beatles “This happened once before. I came to your door. No reply.”
  12. Worry Rock – Green Day “Where do we go from here and what did you do with the directions?”
  13. Dead-End Street – The Kinks “We both want to work so hard. We can’t get the chance.”
  14. Living For The City – Stevie Wonder “He tried to vote, but to him there’s no solution.”



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