Thunderstorms and Drunkards

5 04 2011

I witnessed a truly scary and bizarre thing on Sunday night. It started off seemingly normal; just a typical walk back from the grocery store to my apartment. It was sometime just before 10:00PM. As I left the grocery store, I was unfortunate enough to find myself walking in a pretty intense thunderstorm -without an umbrella. I tried to rush back as swiftly as I could, trying not to get too wet or struck by lightning, which I was pretty convinced would happen, as the storm was pretty close. I was within a block of my apartment, when I noticed three drunk folks walking in front of me. I tried to walk past them, but couldn’t get very far away fro the cloud of cigarette smoke. I was thus, “forced” to witness these drunken fools. This is where the story got interesting.

There was one guy and two girls, one of whom was smoking the cigarette, and the most visibly intoxicated and belligerent. The trio were apparently in need of a taxi, yet they were walking the wrong direction down the road, in order to best get a ride. The most drunk girl was yelling, “Taxi!” at every car that drove by them, which mind you were not taxis. Thus, none of the cars were stopping. However, as  they made their way to the end of the block, a car did stop. As the guy in the group noted, the car was not stopping for them- it was at a red stop light. But the crazy girl paid him no heed. She stumbled right up to the car, thinking it was actually a taxi. The guy warned her not to harass the driver and passenger, which he noticed was apparently an old couple. (Obviously, this guy was not as drunk as her company.) But the girl persisted, knocking on the car’s window. The passengers in the car, still stopped, had put down their window and were talking to these drunken strangers. Maybe they were taking pity on them for stumbling around drunk and lost in a thunderstorm, but the next thing I know, the doors are unlocked and flung open, and the three drunk friends are crawling into the back seat of the strangers’ car.

As the car drove away, I couldn’t believe what I had just seen. I was really hoping that the old couple perhaps actually knew the drunken people they encountered. Maybe it was a coincidence, or maybe they were driving around looking for them. Although these were probably not the reality, I was shocked that a seemingly vulnerable elderly couple had just taken in three wild, strangers into their intimate car. Hopefully it was just a nice deed and nothing bad happened to the couple. But seriously, it was just so surprising that they would break the one rule you are taught at a young age: don’t talk to strangers.




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5 04 2011
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