4 04 2011

Welcome back from the weekend! While many people have been dreading yet another Monday, at least you can still have another helping of TFLW, here at CAPSLove. You’re welcome. I’m sure that like me, you had a rather entertaining weekend. There were the Cherry Blossoms, the resulting throngs of obnoxious tourists, this weekend’s bout of odd weather (hail??, thunderstorms), the beginning of baseball season, and of course, April Fool’s Day. I know, that’s quite a handful to keep us occupied, so it brings me pleasure to make sure you have a constant in your life. This week brought some exciting surprises and some alcohol-induced activities. Enjoy!


OMG Silly Bandz that would normally be extra expensive ($5?) because they are Disney or Marvel are now only $1.25 a pack at CVS. This is either super awesome or pretty sad.

9:48 a.m. on a Friday: The President’s motorcade is in my neighborhood drives by me on Wisconsine Ave. heading North. It is SO strange to see the Prez. in MD. That NEVER happens!

My co-worker told me it was nice outside and when I went out, it was cold and windy. I’m not sure if that was an April Fool’s joke or if that was her “normal,” crazy self.

Is it strange that the highlight of my week tends to be when I watch, “Jersey Shore?”

I seriously love this show.

I love convincing people I’m not drunk when I really am.

There was a girl at the kickball party who TOTALLY looked like a guy in drag. I honestly didn’t know the person’t gender until I heard someone call out her name.

…And there’s a guy on the Metro who totally looks like a girl. Awkward!




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