68 Years of Sky-Scraping Hair

31 03 2011

I know that when most of you think of tall hairdo’s these days, I’m sure most of you think of the latest hair-sculpting “master,” DJ Pauly D and his all too well-known coif:

Sure, Pauly D’s hair reaches new heights with an obscene amount of gel, hairspray, and whatever else he has gotten his smarmy hands on, but the real hero of today’s post came up with the look long before this Jersey DJ did.

Today’s post actually pays tribute to the real “innovator” of such a sky scraping hair style. It’s true folks, everyone’s cult-favorite actor, Christopher Walken had the lofty hair first. And since today is Mr. Walken’s monumental 68th birthday, I see it only appropriate to celebrate with photos of such an altitudinous (now there’s a million-dollar word, if I ever saw one!) haircut. So with a “Happy Birthday,” let’s all admire the real man behind the ‘do.




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