Semin Scores Impossible Goal

30 03 2011

When I first started out writing this blog, years ago, I imagined writing at least half my posts about the Washington Capitals. While I may not have written as much about D.C.’s hockey team as I was expecting, this is also not to say I haven’t written anything about the Caps. I have just been writing a lot about many other topics too. But sometimes credit is due where it is deserved and last night, Alexander Semin deserved such notice. He scored a remarkable goal.

This is my new favorite picture of Semin.

A fantastic video of Semin’s exceptional goal can be seen below:

Let’s break this down. The play starts out at the end of the second period, as Semin and Brooks Laich play a little back and forth with the puck in front of the Hurricane’s net. As you can see from the following picture, Semin skates to the net with the puck, and a line of four of Carolina’s guys are lined up to block any movement for Semin to pass the puck down the ice.

The four Carolina players line up; pretty maids all in a row.

At this point, Semin’s options are pretty limited. If I were him (and thank goodness I’m not), I would just skate the puck behind the net and try for a wrap-a-round; also my favorite shot. But Semin is too determined, and goes in straight. His available space to shoot was getting smaller by the second, so he seems to be thinking very immediately. In the next picture, you can see Semin make a B-line for the net, engulphing himself in the Hurricane and with Staal on his tail. You can also see how Carolina’s goalie, Cam Ward is pretty much completely blocking any space for Semin to shoot the puck into the goal.

Semin is pretty much in the eye of this Hurricane.

So Semin really has only one choice at this point, at that is to hone in on all of his golfing experience, and use his stick like a pitching wedge (like this!), and loft the puck high and short into the net… somehow. Thing is, the available space is so tiny, that it’s unbelievable how Semin could spot the area in such a short amount of time, and still lop the puck into such a jigsaw puzzle space. Check out the following pictures to illustrate this mastermind shot. (The puck, which can be hard to spot, is circled and pointed out.)

Semin shoots the puck, in a narrow angle into the very top right corner of the goal.

The puck just grazes Cam Ward's left shoulder, and falls into the net behind the stunned goalie.

Semin scores his 27th goal of the season, and the crowd goes wild! Honestly, I think this goal is so amazing, that it should definitely be included in some Top 10 Most Stunning Goals Of The Season list or something. That is not your average goal, and it’s even more amazing, that the puck actually goes in the net. It could have merely hit the goal’s top bar and popped out. These players have got to be masters at physics, to study the angles and force it takes to whack a puck into a goalie’s net. Really, Semin’s goal can be admired, not just by hockey fans, but by everyone who thinks that the impossible can not be achieved. Semin was out there to prove us all wrong.




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