28 03 2011

This past week was all about alcohol, beer, and drinking (or lack thereof)! The majority of the following Thoughts are about just that.You may have all ready my mysterious post about my unplanned adventure on Tuesday, and the next day after, was another kickball [see: drinking] function! There are also a few movie clips in today’s post which I highly encourage you to check out. They are awesome. Enjoy the following beer-soaked TFLW!


I’m sitting next to the most awkward couple at the bar at the Exchange. A crazy, loud, black lady with a raspy voice and a cool young white man with a gentle persona. This does not seem to be their first date either.

Does a cucumber sushi roll even count as food?

Drunk on a Tuesday night. If I could eat anything… Saltines, salsa, french toast sticks, PANCAKES, apple pancakes, peach cobbler, green grapes! [Sounds like the beginning to the movie, “Half Baked…”]

The floor is so sticky at McFaddens, that every time I take a step, my flat [shoe] almost comes off. Ugh!

Ugh, I am being a party pooper because (among other reasons) I don’t want to drink because I got drunk last night- a TUESDAY, no less. Geez louise.

The most conversation I am having at this kickball party is in the bathroom [at McFaddens]. Brings me back to high school prom. I am such a girl!

I am under the impression that Guinness has very few calories and even has protein, thus making it a better choice than some of the other beers out there. But I want to know how much better this is compared to your average Miller or Bud Light.

There is a commercial for the new, Diary of a Wimpy Kid movie where they mouth the words to Ke$ha’s song, “Tik Tok.” I am SO torn on seeing the movie now. Noooo!

[At a Baltimore Blast indoor soccer game:] People are so confused about the high attendance saying, “I’ve never seen so many people here before, not even for a championship game!” Thanks Livingsocial for turning such a sad sports team into a huge ordeal!




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