A Few Regrets

25 03 2011

I hate to say it, but I do have a few regrets in my life. I always admire those who claim to have no regrets, and until fairly recently I could claim to be one of those lucky few, as well.  But I feel that it’s those people who have indeed lived their lives through having made some regretful decisions, who seem more “real” to me. True, the things I regret in my life, aren’t anything really drastic, but nevertheless, I seriously wished I didn’t have such mistakes in my memory.

Thankfully, the majority of my regrets are of concerts I didn’t end up going to, and those performers are still young, and their careers in music don’t seem to be ending anytime soon. Last winter, The Gorillaz were performing in Northern Virginia, and since I didn’t have anyone to go to the concert with (at least that I knew of) I didn’t go to the show. I was really bummed because not only are the Gorillaz one of my favorite bands, but due to the nature that the band is actually made up of fictional 2-D characters, their tour was a rarity.

Another concert I dearly regret not attending was when Mayer Hawthorne played The Black Cat last fall. Again, this musician is one of my favorite artists, and once more, I hadn’t anyone to go with. I didn’t even know that Mayer Hawthorne was in town, but on my commute home, I read a blurb about his show that night in the newspaper. I could have/should have turned around on the Metro and headed for the show, by myself, but I was uneasy going to the concert in a neighborhood I wouldn’t necessarily feel safe in, alone. Still, I really wish I had gone.

Most of the other poor choices I have made (usually alcohol-related incidents), while they were not the wisest ideas, I still do not regret what I did. For I feel that they were at least educational experiences. I like to think that if I had not made some poor decisions in the past, then I would not have learned from them (which I think I have, for the most part.) And thankfully, in the case of these concert mishaps, at least it really wasn’t anything drastic or extreme that occurred to me. So even though I am pretty sorrowful that I did not attend such possibly amazing events, if that’s the worst of my regrets, I think I can live with myself.




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16 02 2012
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[…] and we agreed that his music is just amazing. I was explaining to my dad that I’ve only had one regret in life (impressive, my dad thought) and that was not attending a Mayer Hawthorne concert a few […]

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