It Was Only Two

23 03 2011

This morning I woke up hungover. Last night I got drunk. Unusually drunk. Unusual for a few reasons. First of all, because it was a Tuesday. Second of all, because I ate a full meal before I drank. Thirdly, my drinks were somewhat spaced out. But most unusual of all, I only had two drinks.

The scene was at The Exchange; I was originally there for a kickball meeting, but stayed to watch the Caps game. (Which, by the way, the Caps won in a shoot-out against the Flyers. Woohoo!) I didn’t even plan on drinking that night. But I wanted to watch the game and sit at the bar, and I feel awkward doing so if I’m not going to order anything. Plus, I only needed one more beer to have my 100th new beer (since 2010). The bartender, Chris, was extremely welcoming and friendly, and upon taking a look at my Beer Log, he shared with me the pamphlet his parents brought back for him from a beer-loving event in Atlanta. The Exchange had two beers I had yet to try, so I figured it was meant to be.

As I mentioned however, I only had two beers. My hypothesis is that both of these beers had an unusually high alcohol percentage, thus accounting for why I became so intoxicated. (There is no other explanation!) Both brews were from my new favorite brewery from Maryland, Flying Dog. I also didn’t particularly enjoy either of them. The beers were the Double Pale Ale “Doubie Dog” and the “Gonzo” Imperial Porter. The Double Pale Ale was especially hoppy and bitter and had a slight carmel taste to it. The Imperial Porter was strong on the malty flavor, and neither would be a beer I would necessarily order again, unfortunately.

I went to the Flying Dog website to investigate these beers, and sure enough my assumption was correct! Somehow I had managed to choose probably the highest alcohol percent/volume beers at the bar. That was quite a surprise. Hold on to your hats folks, because according to the Flying Dog website, the Double Pale Ale is a whopping 11.5% alcohol by volume. And to top my night off, the Gonzo Imperial Porter hits at the still high 9.2%. Geez Louise!

So I suppose these two beers really did warrant waking up in not the most ideal state. It was kind of like I drank five normal or light beers, which for me is enough to get me good and drunk. I suppose I could have asked the bartender for the details on each beer, but not only did I not think it was necessary, but going in blindly, I didn’t know it may have been helpful. So what did I learn from last night? Either to do research before I venture into the ever-exciting world of alcohol, or if I’m not in the mood to drink, then I shouldn’t. But, even so, I am glad I sampled these beers. Just maybe at a different time, it would have been a better choice.




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23 02 2012
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