21 03 2011

It’s a rainy Monday morning. Three things that don’t necessarily predict the greatest outcome of a day, yet I have no complaints thus far. Last week on the other had introduced the D.C. area to beautiful weather, fun times, and memorable outings. It was, after all, my birthday and St. Patrick’s Day week. This past TFLW brings us moments such as the typical yet still odd happenings on the Metro. Or the recognition of a failed slogan that has begun to weasel its way into popular culture. There is also an awkward gem I discovered from a popular television show. And of course there are others, but you’ll just have to read below to get the gist…


OMG There is a woman walking around at Metro Center belting out operatic music of sorts.

The iPhone’s new slogan is, “If you don’t have an iPhone, you don’t have an iPhone.” If that’s the oh-so terrible consequence, then I think I’ll be able to handle it. This is like a filed version of The Washington Post’s slogan, “If you don’t get it, you don’t get it,” which at least makes a little more sense. Sorry, Apple, you have not convinced me you are right.

Ok awkward: Upon seeing Padma Lakshmi in a bikini, Mike Isabella moves his knife bag over his crotch area. And then he tells the camera how basically turned on by the situation he was. Just wow, Top Chef.

It's a little hard to tell here, but Mike is the second from the right.

Wouldn’t it make more sense for Earth Day and St. Patrick’s Day to be on the same day? Then it would for real deal be a green day!

I just got an overwhelming craving for artichokes. Omg yum!

There’s a lady in the building I work at, who’s from Pittsburgh and who knows I’m a huge Caps fan. On my birthday, she came over to me to wish me a happy birthday  and then proceeded to tell me that Sidney Crosby’s health has been improving and recently skated on the ice. Not the greatest news to hear on my birthday!!!

I just accidentally deleted ALL the pictures from my birthday. 😦




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