10 Day Challenge

21 03 2011

Starting today, I am challenging myself to a new concept: to go 10 days without thinking about guys in a more-than-friends manner. I have until the end of the month for this test. This really shouldn’t be very difficult, but knowing myself, I know that I have ridiculous tendencies to obsess over guys who could hold some potential for a relationship in my life.

But I need a break. I haven’t had much luck with the internet dating scene, and a break seems to be in order. Also, kickball season is fast approaching, and since I have never had much luck with such a social, co-ed environment in the past, I need to be in a clearer mindset this time around. Perhaps if I go into kickball with no expectations to meet a potential guy (as opposed to most of my past seasons), results could be different. Or not, whatever.

This new idea is also related to the notion that (as most sources say) you get into a relationship when you aren’t looking for it. While I’m not really sure I buy that, another way of phrasing that could be (as my friend said) “if you can actually get yourself to stop looking for it [a relationship], it will seem like less time has passed once it finally arrives.” -That at least, seems more viable.

My friend posed a good point, that I would need a sufficient distraction from such pointless thoughts, should they arise. Thankfully, I have a recent project under my wing to sway my thoughts: I am attempting to redecorate my bedroom. I am thinking about veering away from the possible “juvenile” collage of posters on my walls, and substituting them for framed photos and artwork.

So, I think I am ready for this trial. I have a healthy challenge, an engrossing distraction, and the time limit is not very lengthy. I think I can do this. Because really, this is only for ten days, and if at the end of the ten days, I have learned that I can actually have a life that isn’t focused all about boys, then I think this will be a valuable lesson learned.




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