Birthday Perks

18 03 2011

Birthdays are great because everyone -even strangers- want to celebrate you. Gifts are one way of expressing appreciation to the person being celebrated. Such birthday presents come in many different forms, but something that has become reliable is the idea that businesses will give special discounts or freebies to a person celebrating their birthday. Sometimes the birthday person will get a unique discount or coupon and other times, you can get as much as a free meal at some restaurants.

Today, for my birthday, I am hoping to take advantage of my birthday and score some major deals. Below is a list of DC area restaurants that will give out worthwhile birthday free gifts. Some of these places require that you be on their mailing list however (which seem to always be free), so perhaps signing up a few days in advance would be wise, in order to really achieve maximum birthday discount status. Below are just a sampling of some places that will reward you on your birthday:

  • If you sign up for California Tortilla’s Burrito Elito card (which is free), you will get a free burrito.
  • If you join Red Robin’s eClub, you get a free burger.
  • TGI Fridays’ Stripes Program gives you a free dessert with the purchase of an entree during your birthday month.
  • When you join So Connected from Ruby Tuesdays, you will get a “birthday coupon,” and while the website doesn’t specify what this means, I have heard elsewhere that they give you a free dessert.
  • There’s a special Birthday Club at Rita’s, and I hear you get a free Italian Ice on your birthday.
  • The Fudd’s Club at Fuddrucker’s will give you a free treat/burger.
  • The eClub at Bar Louie will give you a coupon for a free Dessertini (a dessert in a martini glass).
  • DD Perks at Dunkin Donuts will give you a free medium beverage.

There are plenty more participating restaurants that will give you birthday perks, though their websites are somewhat vague on what they actually provide. Basically, from what I’ve found is that if you go to most any restaurant’s website, you can find some sort of virtual club or email list to join which will in turn reward you with discounts and freebies for your birthday.

It’s kind of funny actually, because restaurants and businesses are “rewarding” you for taking the time to read their emails and be a dedicated follower of their services. However, another way to look at it, is that businesses are celebrating that you are getting older, and living longer, thus being able to continue your patronage and helping the economy succeed. Of course it’s all a big marketing strategy, but if it means free food, I am all for supporting such companies. So I’m off to go take advantage of turning another year older. Free food, here I come!




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