Why I Hate The GEICO Caveman

16 03 2011

GEICO has gone through numerous marketing campaigns, which include the memorable gecko, the “I’ve got good news…” ads, the use of celebrities, and rhetorical questions, but the worst is the oh-so-dramatic cavemen. Yes, apparently GEICO is “so easy, a caveman can use it.” This marketing technique thinks it is totally ok to poke fun at the beginnings of human ancestry. Because early humans were so basic, yet the services are advertised as being hassle-free and accessible to anybody, even the lowly caveman.

I just really do not like the GEICO caveman. I think he is so annoying. The GEICO Caveman thinks he is so hip, but in reality, he is probably the most annoying recent marketing creation of a character. What absolutely bugs me however, is the way these cavemen have come to take over our present day society. They want us to believe that they are not so uneducated and feeble-minded and are as good as everyone else. Everyone knows that they are still cavemen. (If they really wanted to beat this stereotype, maybe they should try shaving.) They think they are just as good as everybody else, but I have a not-so-secret for them: they aren’t.

The tip of the iceberg of my humor has come during a few recent commercials the GEICO caveman have been in, joining sides with the Washington Capitals’ game announcers. Surely, these cavemen could realize that GEICO is bringing the absurd notion of cavemen in present day society to light. It sure seems that GEICO is giving these cavemen wonderful opportunities to assimilate into modern day life. In these two commercials below, a caveman is seen as a announcer/commentator. Surely, if not for GEICO’s equal opportunity employer status, the caveman would not be so welcomed into society.

Those two commercials bug me so much. The caveman is being an ungrateful drama queen! The tagline that he assumes would be used against him [“So easy, a caveman can do it.”] isn’t even said! It may not even be in everyone else’s minds. But no thanks to the Caveman, he reminds us of the reason why he is probably so upset. In the first commercial, he is overreacting entirely too much. The gecko is present (who seems to enjoy being a car insurance “spokesman”) so that image is surely enough for the audience to get the point that this is a GEICO advertisement (not even counting all the GEICO signage). That caveman just needs to cool it and perhaps realize that the GEICO-loving world is not actually out to make a fool out of cavemen. The GEICO caveman just can’t seem to understand that GEICO is pro-cavemen.




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