Yet Another Hipster Music Post

15 03 2011

For my upcoming birthday, my two brothers gave me an amazing present. In a joint present, they burned me three CD’s of a band I have recently really been getting into. Since my brother went to a rather hip college, one of his roommates was really into this band and for some reason my brother became in possession of the music. The band I’m referring to has actually been mentioned a few other times on here, but nonetheless, it’s Animal Collective.

For my birthday, I received the albums, Feels, Sung Tongs, and Here Comes The Indian. (Which means that in addition to the album, Stawberry Jam, I do not have the much sought after, Merriwether Post Pavilion.) My favorite album that I recently got has definitely been, Feels, since the songs are more lyrical and less “noise-sounding” as they are on the album, Here Comes The Indian. Perhaps it could just be the songs’ prime placement at the top of the album, but the first two songs happen to be my new favorite songs:

The buildup to excitement in this song, “Did You See The Words” is very similar to the song I have discussed before, “Brothersport.” I guess this is a musical technique I am fond of. Plus, I really think Animal Collective really excels in this form of grabbing the listener’s attention. The other song I especially like on the same album is:

This track, “Grass” is also typical of Animal Collective (and why I can’t really play it in my office for my co-workers to hear), because it incorporates “musical screaming” which seems to be a trademark sound of the group. This song’s experimental melody reminds me of something you might hear from a trippy band from the 1960s.

All in all, I am a pretty satisfied customer. Animal Collective might just be my  new favorite band. I know they’re such a hipster group, but at least I’m ok with that whole scene. Plus, the band is locally from Maryland. I love supporting local musicians, so they are good in my book.




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