14 03 2011

This week’s edition of Thoughts From Last Week is sweet and simple. I started off the week in a near-panic as I almost got locked in my apartment’s laundry room. Thank goodness that didn’t happen, as the next day was free taco day at Cal Tor, and I had to be in tip top shape for that. There are a few other bits in there, but a major highlight/lowlight of the week was going to the MVA to get my driver’s license renewed. As you can imagine with the typical unheard of waits, I had a few thoughts which I was grateful to record before my brain went numb from all the mindless waiting around. Anyways, ’twas a good week. Enjoy!


Almost got locked in the laundry room again. That was a close call!

One free fish taco from California Tortilla tasted better than the veggie nachos I paid for. This just goes to show that food tastes better when it’s free!

Wow. Khabibulan is a whopping 38 years old. That’s old in hockey years. I hope he doesn’t stop playing soon. His scariness is the greatest!

Now this is awkward: I’m sitting on the Metro and there’s an almost-cute guy standing near me and his fly is unzipped -right in my line of sight.

It’s a bad idea to come to the MVA having to pee. You have to chose between waiting in line for an indefinite amount of time or relieving yourself.

Haha aw, the MVA provides music trivia on a digital screen because they know there are many people bored and waiting there.

My pinkie finger is only two inches larger than it was when I was two years old.

Some guy just farted and left the elevator my parents and I got onto. Now we are encased in a small space with somebody else’s farts. So gross!


What a lovely image of a not so lovely occurrence!




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