Move On Up With The Ills

11 03 2011

Today is apparently National Crush Day, which is not a day where you go all “Hulk-Smash” and crush everything in sight. (Just so you know.) No, apparently “Crush Day” is when you get the nerves and announce your feelings to your crush. This however, is perhaps a tad difficult if you are found without a crush. This is sort of where I find myself these days. (At least not a realistic crush, as Alex Ovechkin and Brooks Laich, have among other reasons, a girlfriend.) Alas, I am spending National Crush Day, hopelessly in love with… music.

Music is not a bad thing to fall in love with. Believe me, there are worse “things” to love. For today’s post however, I am narrowing down this broad category to my latest two favorite loves of songs. Coincidentally enough, both of these songs sound very similar. And that was probably not an accident. The first is an amazing funky and soulful song by Curtis Mayfield. I absolutely love the rhythm section, bongos and all. I also am totally digging the horns and the strings. A jam-packed band always makes for great tunes. And of course, Mayfield’s soulful voice definitely adds to the mix.

Next up, is perhaps my “real” crush (though he smokes which I abhor.) Mayer Hawthorne, as I’ve stated before, is like the coolest and cutest and basically best guy I currently know of. And of course, his rad music helps his image in my mind. One of my favorite songs of his is most likely definitely inspired by the above Curtis Mayfield jam. This wouldn’t surprise me at all, since Hawthorne plays off of 60’s/70’s soul music. There are so many similarities between the two songs, and yet they are totally different pieces. Hawthorne takes the same rhythm section that I so loved from Mayfield and even the opening of Hawthorne’s song is eerily similar. The major difference here though, is Hawthorne’s beautiful crooning which melds so perfectly with his beats. I could listen to these two songs one after the other all day long, and ne’er grow tired of either.

It’s probably also no surprise that this video has indeed, “Move On Up” playing at the end. Love it!

So I hope you have a very happy Crush Day. Maybe if you too are crush-less, you can just jam out with these groovin’ tunes. Thanks Curtis Mayfield and Mayer Hawthorne. You guys really saved the day this time.




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19 07 2011
Unintentionally Gay Lyrics « C.A.P.S.Love.

[…] Also, on a related note, I love that Kanye directly sampled from this song. […]

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