Ovechtrick Of Success

10 03 2011

Last night the Caps played truly their greatest game this season. It was a memorable night for everyone in the Verizon Center. That’s right, everyone. Although this was totally the game to attend and the place to be on that Wednesday night, I am a bit glad I was at home watching Joe B. and Craig narrate the game. Thanks to these masterful voices of the team, about half-way through the game, they informed the audience that the second period could not begin. Apparently one of the fans had a medical emergency and an ambulance swiftly escorted them off. Now, that’s great that the Verizon Center has such services, but apparently, as I was to learn, there has to be an ambulance available in case any major injury occurs. You learn something new everyday folks.

But mishaps aside, last night’s game was truly a feat of successes. It was, dare I say, an Ovechtrick of Success. That’s right, nine amazing events that happened at last night’s game…

  1. Holtby’s first shut-out
  2. Ovie’s 600th career point
  3. Arnott’s 900th career point
  4. Wideman’s 200th career point
  5. Two goals for returning Fehr (after missing 22 games)
  6. Two goals for Ovechkin
  7. Semin scored so naturally the Caps win!
  8. Washington’s sixth consecutive win
  9. Everyone in attendance got *free wings* for 5 goals scored!

Yessirree. What an amazing night. But wait folks, there’s more! Of course, the folks over at RMNB could just explain it for you, or you could just watch the following video. It’s probably the most awesome goal Alex Ovechkin has scored –with a fellow teammate. It’s just amazing:

Like Craig calls it, a “rarity!”

But then, as if the Edmonton Oilers were going through Groundhog Day, basically the exact same goal was scored on them again; just with different players.

Really, Khabibulan? You couldn’t see this one coming? Honestly though, I love Khabibulan. I love his nickname “The Bulin Wall”, but it seems that wall has been shattered.




3 responses

17 03 2011

i love life because of the Caps

18 03 2011

This is the greatest comment. Me too.

13 03 2012

Maybe you could love spelling Khabibulin properly too.

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