What’s That Stuff On Your Face?

9 03 2011

Earlier today, I thought I saw a man crossing the street who had a bullet wound to the head. I was shocked that he was walking around just fine as if he wasn’t injured. Although I admit I didn’t get a close enough view of his head, the large, black mark on it seemed pretty gruesome. It wasn’t until I saw some other people walking around outside with similar dark marks to their heads, that hit me. That man (most likely) was not injured. It was the mark of the cross (probably just smudged) on his forehead for Ash Wednesday.

Ash Wednesday ALWAYS catches me off guard. It’s not something I observe. Mardi Gras, sure has become something of a nation-wide celebration, for everyone, no matter your beliefs. But it’s all for the sake of Lent, a Christian holiday about giving something up out of your life; like a sort of resistance to temptation sort of thing. The explanation goes beyond that of course, and can be found here. Mardi Gras is that last day before Lent begins where everyone cuts loose and does all the things they won’t likely be doing during the month-long Lent. I obviously know the deal and what happens, but still, Ash Wednesday always surprises me.

Anyways, while searching online for the best photo to represent this post, I found the below image:

This is quite possibly the best representation for this holiday. Now whenever I think about Ash Wednesday, everyone’s favorite animal collector, Ash Ketchum will come to mind. Ash is a pretty cool kid, and a memorable character at that. Maybe now, he’ll help me jolt my memory next year when Ash Wednesday comes around.




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10 03 2011

Bravo, remarkable idea and is timely

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