8 03 2011

This past week was just like any other week of gems, except -gasp!- somehow I managed to go a whole week without complaining about the always faulty Metro system. This is seriously a high point. Anyways, last week brought the Caps a few new players, some quality drinking experiences for yours truly, and really, just some quality thinking person’s thoughts. Do enjoy…


The Caps’ new player, Dennis Wideman is a cutie and only 27. I’ll take it! Welcome to D.C!

Dennis Wideman

I dreamt it was snowing really hard out, I had a pet rabbit, and I locked my key in my apartment. I got lost trying to find my way around my college (where I was living) because it was really my high school. Plus, Spike and I had a long heart-to-heart conversation about a number of things.

“Just scoogle it” aka: ‘just google it’ in my friend’s mind’s ear.


I think I need to get skinnier skinny jeans. The odd baggy look doesn’t quite look right. (But yay for dieting?)

It’s a Kinks kind of night.

You know what would be awkward? If “Papa” John wasn’t actually a Papa.

Papa? John

If I were a bartender [at a sports bar], I would do a terrible job. I would just be watching the TV’s the whole time!

There’s really nothing like getting drunk on a Monday. What a way to start the work week.

OMG as of the beginning of last year, I have tried 99 new beers. It’s almost time for a party to celebrate 100!




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