A Dying Craze

4 03 2011

It was just eight months ago that I wrote about the latest craze to hit stores and homes around the world. Only just a season later, it seems like all that excitement happened ages ago. I am more used to fads like Beanie Babies, POGs, and Pokémon cards that seemed to have lasted forever -or at least it seemed longer-lived as a child. I realize, my look on this fading fad is not equal, since I am albeit, not a child, though I still participated in the fad, so I believe that is irrelevant, unless we are discussing the notion of the perception of time passing.

Nevertheless, what is happening to the Silly Bandz fad? Over the summer, they were covering basically everyone’s arms, and now, it is a rarity to see them. Maybe you’ll see a few of the Bandz on a lone wrist; one or two here or there. They are still being sold in stores, but now, instead of empty racks and shelves, stores are fully stocked with these unwanted colorful rubber bands. I don’t really understand why the excitement only lasted the summer and fall. What was it about the winter that ceased the appearance of Silly Bandz on arms? Perhaps long sleeves were the inevitable enemy to the Silly Bandz? Maybe the fad weill re-surface when the weather warms up. Or maybe the fad just wasn’t meant to be.




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