My First Car?

2 03 2011

I always dreamt that the first car I would own would be my dream car:

1957 Chevrolet Bel Air

Or the 1957 Cadillac El Dorado

I made it one of my life goals too, in fact. I  decided that until I could afford such a beauty, I would just have to live off of public transportation. It hasn’t been very difficult so far, and I have even been able to borrow the extra, seldom used family car every now and then.

Then yesterday, my mom told me that our family friends and neighbors were selling their car and would I be interested. My initial response was a “no,” since the 1999 Buick LeSabre in question was not my dream car. But then I started to put some real thought into the matter. I have never owned a car before. Instead of relying on my friends and family to get me places, this could help me along the path to adulthood and independence. But, as I have been taught, with a car comes responsibility, and was I ready for that? It’s not so much the extra responsibility I’m concerned with, but if “responsibility” is really code for “money payments, car insurance, wear and tear and upkeep,” then maybe owning a car isn’t yet my cup of tea.

A 1999 Buick LaSabre

If I were to own a car, the first thing on my mind would be where to keep it. Fortunately, my apartment building has a garage, however, I would have to pay extra for a parking space. In the long run, I suppose this is a good deal, but it’s an extra sum of money I’d have to set aside for that. There’s also the issue of paying for gas. A car from 12 years ago is not necessarily going to have the greatest mileage, so refilling the car’s gas tank is sure to occur pretty often.

On the other hand, there could be advantages to owning a car. I could decorate it however I like, adding bumper stickers to my own space as opposed to getting permission to add them to the family van. I could even pimp out the inside to my liking, though probably not as impressive as this. Having my own car could be nice at least to have my own space. Sure, I have my own bedroom, but I share the rest of my apartment with roommates. I wouldn’t have to share my car if I had it for myself. And of course, I would no longer be limited in going places (or even looking for a new job) that are within the Metro system. I could also go on road trips more freely with my own car. Having a car could help me to unleash my adventure side.

Anyways, I guess it’s a good thing I have been mulling this over. It shows I am an adult, for not making any rash or immediate decisions. And perhaps being an adult means owning a car. Or maybe being an adult means knowing when to say “no.” Either way, this can be seen as an exciting opportunity, and I am thankful that I even have the fortune of debating over such ownership.




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