Happy Birthday George!

25 02 2011

I am kind of in shock that I have never blogged about this man’s birthday before. This man is definitely not only one of my heros, but one of the most beloved people in my life. I was truly saddened when he passed away my senior year of high school. I even wrote my college essay about him, which I still think was a great piece of my writing. Today is the anniversary of the day of George Harrison’s birth. To celebrate, the website: concertforgeorge.com is streaming the concert from a few years ago, dedicated to George’s life for 24 hours today.

One of the reasons I was initially drawn to The Quiet Beatle was out of pure mystery. Sure, every knows about the song-writing master duo of Paul McCartney and John Lennon, and it’s hard to pass over someone as goofy-looking as Ringo. And then there was that other fellow. In my absence of knowledge about George, I vowed to dive right in and find out as much as I could to educate myself with such a mysterious man.

The more I learned about George, the more he appealed to me. I grew to discover a gentle man with a big heart and a deep appreciation for many different cultures. George’s deep-rooted fascination with India and its culture excited me as well. Because of George I wanted to learn the sitar (and became subsequently disappointed when I figured that my small hands would prevent me from learning/playing the intricate instrument). Because of George, I have been turned on to Bollywood and Indian food, which I adore.

Another reason why I adore George so much, is also frankly, because I find him an absolute cutie. He had puppy dog eyes, a lush mop of hair, a charming British voice, and a general effortlessly suave look. George was easy going and mellow, but not to the point of carelessness. Quite the contrary, George was very passionate about everything he did. Because of George, I changed my character from the typical Type A persona I grew up around, from living in D.C.. I became more easy going and accommodating. I learned more about myself and how to be more conscious about myself and those around me.

Those are just a few reasons why George has so appealed to me.  As you can see, George has apparently been a great influence on who I am. His music is of course, amazing as well. Some of my favorite songs, are written by George Harrison. Maybe my favorite (that comes to mind now) is off The Beatles’ album, Help! and is called, “I Need You.” I have even decided that I want his song, “All Things Must Pass” to be played at my funeral.

So here’s to you, George Harrison! You have been an integral person in my life and I love you dearly. Happy Birthday. We miss you all, very dearly.





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