Color Makes Everything Better

24 02 2011

I’ve lately been talking to a guy who is completely color blind. He only sees things in black and white and grays.

As an artist, I could not imagine life without color. I guess my paintings could be interesting, though I’d probably succeed in black and white photography. A life without color would drive me crazy. Color makes everything better. Or more exciting. Or less dull and more interesting. Just take a look at these fine examples:

The movie, Pleasantville probably best illustrates this idea. A land of black and white is predictable. That doesn’t mean things are unhappy, though a little color couldn’t hurt to help spice things up.

On the other end of the spectrum, Will Smith’s daughter, Willow doesn’t waste any time, letting everyone know that she prefers a colorful life. Why, dipping her hair in paint is necessary to create color in her life, is a little beyond me. Though I appreciate her spin on the head-banging movement.

Even Curious George knows that some color and creative finger painting can lead to exciting adventures. Who knew a cute, little, obtrusive primate could be so smart about how to spruce up life? Curious George obviously loves color, which is just one reason why he is so awesome.

But monkeys aside, color is truly an amazing thing. I guess if you have never experienced what color is, then it’s difficult to know of anything other than a monotonous world of grays. But I would just feel left out of the rest of the world. Color is not even just a pleasant extremity to life, it is also helpful in identifying signage and important information. So here’s to color. I couldn’t live without it. Color is amazing.




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