22 02 2011

Make sure to wear proper head protection when reading today’s post. There is so much to report from last week, your mind might just be blown away. We start off with reflection on Valentine’s Day 2011, and end with a “Ab Fab” trip to Florida to see a friend. I don’t want to waste too much time or really, your staying power on my blog, so I’ll get right into it. I do hope you enjoy…


The 10th floor of my apartment building smells of pot. Someone is having a good Valentine’s Day!

I don’t understand what’s so special about bread sticks. You’re just eating a piece of bread in a long, cylindrical, “stick” form.

If a movie or book was made about my life, it would be titled, “Ugh” because that phrase seems to be so recurring in my life.

This year I barely noticed Valentine’s Day. The day went by just like any other day, only on this “holiday,” a few of my friends and family wished each other words that had no meaning, yet we continued to robotically repeat them, just as we’d been so diligently taught throughout our childhood. Somehow, a monotonous tradition had to be carried through.

The jerks at CVS made it so that all those wishing to bank on getting their hands on any day-after Valentine’s Day candy, would not be able to fulfill their wishes. The day after V-Day, CVS has already brought in the Easter goods. Ugh.

If I were a guy, I would totally be a drag queen- and ROCK at it.


This. Is. Amazing.

“Snoop Dog is like Bill Cosby- but stoned.”

I. Just. Rode. Rock n’ Roller Coaster. And lived to tell.

I have never seen so many people with a sunglasses sunburn in one place before. Gotta love Daytona 500 weekend.

An average of four hours of sleep a night, is not an acceptable life choice.

I am currently on a “Special” Metro train, stopped at Farragut West. If we were really special, we would teleport to Farragut North.




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