The Future Is Too Bright

17 02 2011

I’ve been in hiding this week. I’ve been trying to escape. I have been staying indoors all day during my work days, while most of my co-workers have been going outside as much as they can. My desk chair and I have become quite close. Did I mention there are no windows in my office? That just makes my situation easier. You see, I have been trying to avoid going out in this so-called “pleasant” weather all week.

Sure, I acknowledge that for most, sane people, upper 50’s-mid 70’s is pretty much ideal weather. This “gift” from Mother Nature is not something that is presented to Washingtonians very often in only the second month of the year. I guess we also have the groundhog to “thank” for this weather. But I’m still in denial. I think that if I can’t see it, it must not really exist.

This picture makes no sense. How did a sun get a hold of a trumpet???

But not me. I would like to avoid this sunny weather as much as possible. It’s still February, everyone! That means it is still winter. We’ve actually still got another month of it being officially winter. So we should probably have cold, winter weather. The best situation here would be another snowfall. According to meteorology, some kind of “extreme” storm tends to occur when a warm front hits a cold front (or vice versa). So, I am pretty much only ok with this pleasant weather if a snow storm is soon to follow.

I don’t care how pleasant these two songs [Walking on the Sun & Walking on Sunshine] may be, walking on the sun/sunshine is probably not a fun thing to do or a wise decision to make. And if walking on the sun/sunshine isn’t wise, then being out in the sunny weather can’t be good either. -Especially not now, not in February!




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