Blog Changes

15 02 2011

I’ve been thinking about changing the format to the Song Of The Week page on CAPSLove. When you visit this section, you are greeted with a possibly intimidatingly too-long stream of one YouTube video after another. It’s a little ridiculous looking.

So I’m considering a new look for this page. I’m thinking of just listing the links to YouTube, instead of showing the actual and cumbersome video box. This change would help to increase room on the page, free up your mind, and to just clear the area. Perhaps I’ll keep up an ever-changing rotation of the video boxes for the month we’re in. (Or maybe that is too much work?)

I’m still not sure what direction I’m going to take the page, but I do know that it’s getting to be a little overwhelming to look at. Plus, many of the music videos these days, have links that don’t transfer to other sites in a video box form. So a simple link could be more direct. Any way I take the page, this is just a head’s up to look out for coming changes in the future.




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