A Flakey Rant

15 02 2011

I need to rant. I haven’t written a rant on here in quite some time, so I’m due for a purely opinionated piece. What the heck is it with guys? Why do so many of them feel they can flake out of plans made? Or, what idea do guys get from me that I am someone who can be easily taken advantage of? I can not be easily taken advantage of- never have, never will- and I sure don’t think I present myself in a way that would give guys the impression that I could be.

I realize that this topic of complaining about flakey guys has been exhibited on CAPSLove before, to which I apologize. Although, it’s really the guys who should be apologizing. If they would just quit it with this immature behavior, and follow through with their plans, then I would have more trust in guys, perhaps I wouldn’t be so cynical about the male gender, and you wouldn’t have to read through this muck of a rant on my blog.

So in today’s rant of a post, I will list every guy I can remember having a date with in the past couple of years (with a clever nickname for them, and whether the flaked on me). Also something to keep in mind is that these guys are all people I have met through online dating. I’m sorry if some of you do not think this is a very wise post to write, but I am so sick of jerks in my life. And if on the off-chance said jerks happen upon this post, then maybe (although unlikely) after reading this, they will realize that to be a decent human being, they need to change their ways. Let’s get crackin’…

  1. My-Friend’s-Grandma-Died. The first to disappoint. That was his (possibly legit) excuse for canceling our date. I never heard from him again though, which made me suspect of his reason to cancel.
  2. The “Real” One flaked on out just as we were making plans to meet up. I say he was “real” because he seemed less sketchy than most guys from the internet.
  3. Mr. Touchy-Feely fortunately never flaked. But true to his nick-name, he was also too into the PDA for me.
  4. The Gay One. Pretty sure he was a closet gay. I sincerely wanted to be friends, though he took that to mean I never wanted to see him again. Come on! I love the gays!
  5. The Smoker was racist. And he smoked. But he was smokin’ hot. Oh well.
  6. Bethesda had just moved to said location, and he seemed very interested in me. We made plans to meet up a few times throughout the course of a season, but each time, he came up with a not-too-believable excuse as to why we couldn’t see each other.
  7. The Chef. He never flaked; it just didn’t work out.
  8. E#1 and I had a lot of common threads and mutual friends. We even went to the same college. Unfortunately, he never initiated anything to hang out, which quickly grew old. He basically flaked out of communication with me.
  9. Philly flaked on three dates/outings with me. Three times we made specific plans, only for him to not follow through. All three times he didn’t even say he wasn’t coming ahead of time. It was worse- he didn’t say anything. He just didn’t show. Not alerting me that you aren’t coming is even worse than saying you are canceling. Be a man and fess up to your wrong-doings!
  10. Colorblind and I were talking online for quite some time. We had a good conversation going, but when it came time to set up the first date, he went all M.I.A. and didn’t return my messages. The thing is, I know he got them, since I could see he was online. Just tell me you’re not interested!
  11. E#2 and I also had quite a lively and entertaining conversation online. It started out promising and strong and fizzled after a few days, though then, we just ended up playing the internet version of Phone Tag, where we’d hope the other would come online, yet with no luck. E#2 is coincidentally, extremely similar to E#1, with the same job, physique, name, and religion, among other things. E#2 seemed almost-promising and I was really looking forward to meeting him -today. But alas, after a few online messages and a text, it seems he is bound to follow suit with so many other guys I have put my trust in. Apparently, making plans for a date and sticking true to them is much more difficult to some guys than I thought it would be.

By my count, that’s seven out of the past eleven guys who have flaked in one way or another. I thought I could trust guys. I hoped that perhaps my bad luck would only last for a few guys. I even decided that as a New Year’s Resolution, I’d eliminate jerk-like guys from my life. I figured that I could go to extra efforts to remove such guys from my life. Unfortunately, I have not gotten off to the best start. So, it seems that yet another guy has left my life just as abruptly as they had arrived. I suppose another one bites the dust.




One response

21 04 2011

Why would you have continued to make plans with “Philly” if he stood you up the first time? And the second?

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