14 02 2011

It doesn’t matter that it’s Valentine’s Day. That lame holiday was already celebrated last Friday. CAPSLove is ahead of the times. Today, we rock the red for the Caps game tonight in Phoenix, not because red is the supposed color of love. Everyone, get your priorities straight! Speaking of priorities, Thoughts From Last Week should be at the foremost of your concerns. But have no fear, though it may be a tad late in the day, I would never skip out on a week of thoughts for your viewing pleasure…


For the longest time, my number one fear was getting old, as in being a senior citizen. And while it’s still something I am afraid of, I am starting to get more comfortable with this idea. Perhaps our current generation will want to follow by example previous generations of old people and take notice of how (for the most part) old people are so well respected.

My brother [at one of his band’s concerts] was doubling on the female vocals. That’s surprising and amusing for a guy who sang the bass part back in high school!

The song, “Let’s Give Them Something To Talk About” is the dumbest song. Really? Love? That seems to be ALL everyone ever talks, let along sings about!

My life is so full of maybes that I have no other choice but to purely live in the Now.

There are so many gorgeous man out in the world. How am I to pick just one??

“I’ve never thrown up on you.” -my BFF to me. Aww, how considerate. Now that’s friendship for you.

[Talking about the Jewish holiday, Purim] …It was a long, long time ago!  “Like when Martin Luther King was shot?” -one of my kindergarten students. LOL.




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